Statistically Insignificant - Episode 4 (Podcast)

In episode 4 of the Statistically Insignificant podcast I am joined by Karina Isaev who works as a computational biologist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Karina provides an excellent overview of her research topics and their relevance to cancer biology.

Show notes

  1. Karina’s academic publications can be found on Google Scholar
  2. Influence of microbiome on immunotherapy response
  3. A better understanding of the molecular basis for how Gleevec works to provide a targeted therapy for CML
  4. Kazakhstan is underrated
  5. Eric Topol and Frank Harrell are good resources to follow on Twitter
  6. Yes, the Brexit vote was considered a phenotype in a GWAS study
  7. In case you were wondering, Karina’s band was called Astrolab; we look forward to their return tour

Written on April 4, 2020